What is the

Safe Energy Solution?

The Safe Energy Solution (SES) is the culmination of all our services tailor-made for each client and their unique property.

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We offer solar for both Commercial and Residential clients and use only Tier 1 monocrystalline panels including  Solaria, LG, and Silfab to name a few!

Our omni-directional wind turbines utilize Bernoulli's Principle of Lift to efficiently produce power from 3.8 mph to 89 mph. They are virtually silent and will add significant marketability to your business, as it turns heads while turning wind into energy!

Our Solid State Diode Lighting isn't just another LED. They are superior in lowering operational costs - up to 85% reduction in kWh, while simultaneously lasting longer than the leading LED lights! Our lifetime minimum 75,000 hour non-prorated warranty is unmatched in the industry!

Battery Storage
Cool Roof System

Battery Energy Storage Systems are a key component of our Safe Energy Solution in either battery or capacitor form. We offer various smaller battery solutions for residential clients as well!

Our tri-fuel, continuous-use generators effectively eliminate demand fees associated with commercial users and connect with both the wind turbine and our capacitor!

Incorporating a Cool Roof System into our Safe Energy Solution can help your business become even more efficient by reflecting heat and sunlight, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs! It also helps optimize limited roof spaces for our bi-facial solar panels!


Our Process



Project Development

This is where the magic happens!  We custom design and develop a solution specific to your property and energy data.

Shaking Hands


Construction & Installation

Our favorite part! Here, the magic becomes a reality as we install your own unique Safe Energy Solution and your business begins a new era of ecological and economical savings!


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is simple.  We show you in detail why our Safe Energy Solution makes sense and how it all works.

Business Presentation



Here we explore and isolate the best financing vehicle for your budget, property, and industry.  


"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi