Battery Energy Storage System Solutions

Safe Solar Power has every type of BESS Solution available from Residential to Commercial to Utility-Scale storage devices.  Our Safe Energy Solutions (SES) can power and back up a single-family home to an entire city!!

Why BESS Solutions

The Global Transition to Sustainable Energy

The world is indeed entering a new era of renewable energy and although it is a necessary global shift to sustainable energy, it is not without its 'growing pains'.

What's Happening? 

  • Decarbonization

    • The Green Wave that is ​happening worldwide from low carbon energy solutions like solar and wind is making it difficult to determine the intermittent generation of energy.

  • Digitization

    • The mass amount of independent smart sensors and devices are interfering with the smart control systems and data that optimize power plants and the grid.​​

  • Decentralization 

    • The growing market in the Sustainable Industry is creating grid distribution complexity especially with the growth of the Electric Vehicle Industry.

Smart Grids

  • BESS Solutions create the essence of a 'Smart Grid' and improves the reliability, availability, and efficiency of the power supply as they are integrated with sophisticated Energy Management Systems.

  • Grid Balancing-

    • Utility companies are continuously using more renewables in power generation and BESS Solutions help them build reserves to stabilize the grid by peak shaving when the grid is most strained.

  • Grid Security-

    • BESS solutions secure power for critical ​processes and infrastructure. 

  • Grid Energy Management-

    • Provides flexibility for frequency and voltage regulation while providing integral voltage support. ​

What We Have In 'Store'



  • Safe Solar Power and our Installers are preferred contractors for all the industry-leading battery manufacturers for Residential PV Solar Systems.

  • We offer 9-15 kW BESS Solutions for Residential Customers.

  • Integrated Software control through a Cloud-based system with performance monitoring.

  • Battery Stacking: Every manufacturer has the capability to scale their storage system to fit their unique lifestyle.


  • Commercial BESS Solutions have all the same benefits, integrated software with performance monitoring as the more simplistic residential models.

  • These BESS Solutions have multiple power and energy configurations in preparation for more complex Distributed Energy Systems like our own customized Safe Energy Solutions (SES).

  • These batteries can range from 25 kW to 100 kW in size with the ability to Battery Stack depending on the scale of the project.

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  • There is only one Battery Manufacturer we work with on Utility-Scale projects and development; EnergPort.

  • These impressively engineered shipping crates are of high energy density and have the capability of storing enough power to provide energy to an entire grid system.

  • Utilizing Lithium-Ion Phosphate which does not have the fire hazard risk associated with their design like typical Lithium-Ion batteries, they highlight our values by putting "Safe" in our Safe Energy Solutions. 

Distributed Energy Management Systems

Safe Solar Power fully integrates your uniquely designed and engineered Safe Energy Solution(SES) to meet your operational and infrastructural needs.


Our energy management systems tie it all together by integrating every component in SES to provide 24/7 monitoring and optimization. 

How You Benefit


Ideal for Distributed Energy Solutions

BESS Solutions are an integral part of the application in our high-power Safe Energy Solutions (SES). 


The large energy-dense batteries are seamlessly integrated with each generational component of our customized design. 


Without the capability of BESS Solutions, each of our components would only be worth what energy they are able to produce in the instantaneous moment they are functioning.

Optimize Your Asset

Whether it is your Residential home or your Commercial business BESS Solutions will make your asset more reliable, flexible, and profitable!

BESS Solutions dualistically add significant property value to your asset.

Eliminate Demand Fees

Due to the exponential rise in technology and human overpopulation, the grid is strained, and when the grid is most vulnerable utility companies delineate Demand Fees and PEAK charges to their Commercial and Residential customers. 


BESS systems effectively eliminate them as you draw your energy from the storage device during those times instead of the grid.

Simplified Integration

Having simplified system integration from a single source creates confidence and user comprehension that their investment is ecologically and economically viable as they forecast their cash flows. 


In addition system integration provides security that each component of their solution is optimized and SAFE!

Store more energy, save more money! 

What's not to like?