About Safe Solar Power

Our mission is to create safe, clean, and economical energy solutions to help power a more sustainable future.


How We Got Here

Safe Solar Power has always had an innovative approach as a full service energy company.  Coming from a contractual mindset, Chris Garland, saw the opportunity to take his storm restoration business, Safe House Exteriors, to new heights by introducing solar solutions for his clientele.  The ability to repair one's roof and follow through with a solar installation creates a perfect synergy of providing the contracting work and energy service under one “Roof”.


Adopting his innovative approach and seeing the benefit of a solar investment, Chris ventured to get solar for his home in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Safe Solar Power installed an innovative relocatable ground mount system through Powerfield Energy.  Safe Solar Power continued their innovative approach and became the first company in the United States to install RGS solar shingles on a clients house in Colorado.  These are the inception points that laid the groundwork for Safe Solar Power to adopt a new identity.

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What We Offer

Safe Solar Power is not just another typical solar company; we are a solution-based sustainable energy company.  Every client has a different story, usage, and developmental roadmap where we utilize the energy data to uniquely prepare and design a customized solution.  The Safe Energy Solution (SES) is optimized through a culmination of solar, wind, storage, continuous-use generators, solid-state diode lighting, and cool roof systems.  We optimize the system to provide the building owner an expedited Return on Investment in under half the time of traditional solar systems.  Additionally, the versatility of utilizing a multitude of these products allows us to overcome the square footage limitations traditional solar systems have.  Moreover, SES is the groundwork that enables Safe Solar Power to make a positive impact for your business and planet earth.

Who We Are


Kyle McKelligott

Vice President of Energy & Development

Kyle is the lead project developer and solution structuralist behind the technical design, system integration, financial modeling, and optimization of each Safe Energy Solution that is uniquely engineered, prepared, and implemented.   


Prior to Safe Solar Power, Kyle excelled in project development, sales, training and customer relations for SolarCity and Tesla, Inc.  Kyle has a background in integrative physiology, biology, and neuroscience with a passion for quantum physics, mentorship and environmental stewardship. 


His passion to discover and optimize the technologies of the renewable industry couples with an innate desire to implement a product that can efficiently and affordably transcend markets.  Kyle cornerstones the synergy of the strategic partners as well as the mindset and leadership of Safe Solar Power’s commercial development and residential sales teams.

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Ryan Peets

Director of Operations & Commercial Development

Ryan is an entrepreneur with seven years of experience working in the solar and energy efficiency industries. Before that he led outdoor expeditions for the University of Mississippi and participated in several expeditions with the National Outdoor Leadership School.


Ryan built and managed two successful solar start-ups in Texas, where he developed a passion for the industry through conducting energy audits, developing projects, and installing both residential and commercial solar systems across the state.


Ryan moved to Colorado in 2018 and partnered with some local talent to create Orion Renewable Development, a consulting partnership that specialized in helping business owners to establish solar operations and build sales teams. After only a few months of consulting for Safe House Exteriors, Ryan came on board full-time, and Safe Solar Power was launched. 

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Clayton Peeples

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Clayton identifies key business owners and decision makers who are looking for innovative, optimal energy solutions that give them the competitive edge.  He works with clients tailoring individual solutions that meet the property’s needs, navigating every step of the process, from system design and financing to development and implementation.


His experience managing commercial real estate portfolio assets gives him deep insight to the building owners perspectives and needs.  As an asset acquisition specialist with a energy start up, one of the largest asset purchasers in their discipline, Clayton understands how to create specialized solutions that keep up with the business needs of our future.   


Clayton’s work in the energy industry gives him the knowledge to create individualized sustainable energy solutions that transform companies way they view energy. Merging his passions for real estate and renewable energy he is motivated to add value to your real estate and company through the development and implementation of cutting edge, cost effective, efficient, sustainable energy solutions today. 

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Why We Are Here


What are we put on this planet to do except make an impact?

Safe Solar Power’s vision is to make an impact by providing feasible energy solutions to all commercialized entities that are forced to rely on their utility company for power. These utility companies force their clientele to succumb to ever increasing energy rates from inefficient, unsustainable fossil fuels.


We aim to provide a more sustainable solution that transforms an operating expense into positive operating income.  The goal is simple: we want to provide an essential operational resource, energy, at a more affordable and sustainable cost.  A solution that dualistically helps the business entity economically reduce operating costs while exponentially benefiting the planet. 


The unique synergy of our innovative products enable us to provide a sustainable business solution for an essential operational resource that transcends all markets; energy.  The synergistic utilization and application of solar, wind, solid-state diode lighting, generators, integrated BESS solutions and cool roof systems enables the versatility to create a customized Safe Energy Solution regardless of conventional limitations.  Traditional PV solar systems have many limitations in regards to square footage, structural integrity, budget, and funding that cause the project to not be feasible.  The versatility of our Safe Energy Solution allows us to overcome these limitations by developing malleable solutions that are attainable within a fixed budget.  


No obstacle is insurmountable. No challenge is too great. 

It is never too late to make an impact


Together, we can make a bigger impact by adapting to the ever growing and changing technology within the energy industry. The Safe Energy Solution enables every business to make a significant environmental impact that dualistically fortifies the business economically.  Safe Solar Power and our dedicated team are ready to help you and your business make a significant impact in the direction of a cleaner, greener, and brighter future.

"What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

-Henry David Thoreau